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Building Customer Connections

Since global uncertainty has become the “new normal,” maintaining consistency in customer connections can enhance and solidify valuable relationships. Uncertain times now lead us to re-evaluate and recommit to our core business values and nothing is more integral to the future of trusted business relationships more than demonstrating the value of connection.

Focusing on current clients is much more cost-effective than having to cold call for new ones. Building strong, long-lasting relationships will keep customers from considering the competition, and one way to keep the relationship strong is to anticipate client needs especially when everyone’s lives have completely changed.

A good place to start is being mindful, realizing that kindness and loyalty can go hand-in-hand. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the necessity of empathy to the forefront of today’s business challenges. Extenuating circumstances are to be expected. When it comes to communications and deadlines, flexibility and patience is key. Listen and be honest with your customer. If you need clear communication to do your job, of course, your clients need that as well.

Today your contacts have much more on their plates and may not be as available as they were just 9 months ago. People are home schooling, dealing with stranded college students, having multiple online meetings, trying to feed a family, caring for an elderly parent and/or still commuting to offices. There is a huge issue of trying to stay healthy and stay alive in spite of the environment and recent public health rules. No one expected to run businesses with the magnitude of these parallel responsibilities 24/7.

Knowing all of this, if you can approach every day with integrity and pay attention to client cues, i.e. really listening to the needs of your clients and their tone, your interaction and customer connection can set you apart making you the go-to resource, because you are easy to work with and dependable on so many levels.

Your reliability and consistency will reassure clients that they want to continue a loyal relationship. Operating your business with integrity and delivering high-quality services are why you were hired. Communicate and be transparent. Everyone is now used to having to adapt.

Remember, stress is a constant for everyone – including you and your team. Finding patience and kindness and taking care of yourself will help your clients when they need a moment of friendship and understanding. Connecting in a more personal way is greatly appreciated by those trying to balance – everything. Think of the oxygen mask on an airplane. If the parent puts the mask on first, they are better able to take care of the needs of their children. The same is true for the connection between you and your customer. Think about it.

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