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a great web design is crucial to business success

Why a great design is a key factor to site success

When customers search online for products or services, they undoubtedly view many websites on the same topic and decide whether to stay or not in less than 10 seconds. So, as they say, “first impressions are everything”. Your landing page or home page must appeal to and attract your target audience.

The ubiquitous internet has brought out creatives and marketing experts all competing and saying “look at me”. Time and effort has paid off in writing our business web content as we think about what our customers want to know. We’ve been taught to present a carefully-worded web page introduction and mission statement. That used to be enough. Today, expectations have changed so quickly and new prospects are looking to be impressed and even surprised when they click.

For those companies earnestly seeking new clients, as well as keeping current ones, engaging web design and interaction with content are the touchstone to being relevant in a cyber world-changing at nano speeds.

In terms of a SEO strategy, getting people to your site and keeping them there will factor into how search engines see your traffic and popularity and will take note of the interest and time spent by your visitors. In the design world it is important to have a striking landing page that is on the one hand expected, easy on the eye and contemporary, yet offers something a bit distinctive. A clever design, coupled with good graphics and interesting content will keep the searcher engaged enough to browse through your offerings. 

What you should include:

  • An opening statement that lets people know what you do and how you can solve their problem.
  • Use clear navigation to make it easy for customers to browse through your site.
  • Decide the focus of each page so users don’t get confused about what is important. Use calls to action to lead customers through your site.
  • Always use high-resolution clean product shots when selling online.
  • Be judicious with your wording. Less is more. Remember that people don’t read, they scan.

The impact of your brand and the consistency of the look of your site sets the impression for customer service, brand trust and curiosity. Think of the times when you’ve gone to certain sites and have thought, “I’ve seen this template before,” and the site you are on suddenly feels dated and old fashioned.

A great design translates to increased business. It’s worth the investment. Contact us if you want to know more.

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