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Web Design and SEO in Lansdale PA


web-design-philadelphiaSilverwood Studios specializes in creating online assets that gain the attention of the target audience for each specific business. Website design that is eye-catching AND user friendly. Your clients need to know within seconds that your company provides the goods and services they desire. We are a team that not only understands the nuances of web design and development but also the added components that move your website and marketing materials from great to outstanding.

Our Lansdale web design company offers a full suite of services. We will work with you to help you evaluate and understand your marketing needs and determine the best course of action to reach your goals.

Web Design – Lansdale PA

Every business needs to have a website! Nearly 80% of households have high speed internet access, so it is likely that your customer is looking for your product/service online. A web site is your companies home on the internet and allows you to control your message in an engaging and adaptable format. Unlike printed material, changes are easy and FREE to send to interested individuals electronically and instantly. The web has a far wider and less costly reach than ANY other form of advertising and/or promotions. Although it may take time to build traffic to your website, an effective online campaign costs next to nothing to implement. Your website needs to do one thing well – convince visitors that you are the best business for their needs. A professional, eye-catching website gives your business the credibility your target audience needs to select you over your competitors.  Silverwood Studios will make your Lansdale based website stand out from the crowd whether you are looking for customers around the corner, across the country or around the world.

WordPress and Content Management Systems

We understand that businesses need to alter their content to meet an ever-changing competitive marketplace. Silverwood Studios understands this fluidity and the need to frequently change and update your web site. In most cases, we recommend the development of your web site using a content management system (WordPress being the most popular) that allows you to maintain and edit the content of your web site without knowing a bit of code. We will train you to access and edit the content on your web site from any computer. There is no need to have the expense and inconvenience of depending on a specialist to update and change your web site.

Web Marketing – Lansdale PA

An effective website is one that has a carefully planned marketing and advertising campaign to attract viewers who would have an interest in your product/service. We help you avoid local marketing pitfalls and shed light on new tactics and strategies that can make a positive impact on your business. Silverwood Studios has served the local Lansdale area for over 15 years. Our experience ensures our clients that their expectations will not only be met…they will be exceeded. If your business seeks customers outside of Lansdale we will partner with you to explore ways to reach beyond Lansdale to find your customers anywhere in the world.

SEO – Lansdale PA

Attracting an internet surfer to visit your web site and Lansdale based business is a combination of art and science. Every word, phrase and image used on your web site plays an important role in increasing the traffic to your web site. Over 97% of people use search engines to find local services. In addition, search engines are the only form of advertising where potential customers tell you exactly what they want, giving you the opportunity to fulfill their needs immediately.  Silverwood Studios will help you exploit this via SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing).  Using a mix of these practices will help you achieve a strong presence on search engines and drive targeted traffic to your website.

Video Marketing – Lansdale PA

Video is one of the most powerful tools of visual communication. Approximately 65% of all people are visual learners. Video allows you to bring action and movement to a visual message while controlling the entire message (print, voice and imagery). A basic web site is generally static. The traditional movement using flash or other techniques provide some visual stimulation, but NOTHING compares to the impact of a short, well planned and professionally produced video prominently displayed on your web site. A video on your web site can also be uploaded to your own YouTube channel (with hyperlink to your web site) to increase the reach and potential of attracting new customers/clients. Adding a customized video to your website is a great way to create interactivity, engage, attract and keep your visitors. The video can also be uploaded to your social media pages creating the natural connection for interested individuals to learn more about your business by viewing the video and visiting your web site. Silverwood Studios will script, conduct the video-shoot at your place of business, hire talent if necessary, arrange appropriate voiceover talent, and professionally edit the video for optimum education and entertainment…all at an affordable price with a strong ROI.

Content Creation – Lansdale PA

Silverwood Studios is available for your content creation needs from writing copy for the pages of your website, developing a newsworthy article for your blog, creating email campaigns or simply posting an engaging communication for social media. We write with the intent of engaging your target audience with rich, meaningful content.

We are here to help you with all of your marketing needs. Our Lansdale web designers & marketers are ready to work for you.