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Press Releases

How Press Releases can help you

The internet has provided a multitude of media sources that are thirsting for information to include on their individual pages. Information related to your field is being searched throughout the day and night and pertinent information regarding an interest, cause or concern on your site may attract new viewers.

A well crafted press release displayed on your web site and released through one of several reputable PR services will inform your current client/customer/member/constituent about important information while being broadcast to the “world”  that you are a viable, growing company.

Silverwood Studios can create the ideal press release that matches industry standards from the information that you provide, post it on a well identified section of your web site and disseminate through a well-establish PR service to the audience that you select. As an added benefit, once the press release is posted on your site it becomes a potential source of building traffic by entering the search engine information library.