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Kenny’s Corner Project

Website Design:

Silverwood Studios visited Kenny’s Corner and saw the busy deli and the efficient staff at work. Customers had been asking Kenny if there was a website so he knew it was time to enter the digital world. We designed the site to capitalize on the fact that Kenny’s Corner offers oversized sandwiches and subs with delicious Boars Head meat.


Always thinking of the consumer, Kenny’s Corner wanted to accommodate them by offering online ordering and payment in advance. The site needed to be straightforward and easy for consumers to quickly order their favorites. In addition, we wanted to add elements that would be true to his in-store brand, so we incorporated a brown paper bag that automatically updates with the amount of items that were ordered. Full e-commerce capabilities were developed so that consumers could add and delete at any time during the shopping experience.

Creative Design:

Kenny’s Corner needed in-store signage to showcase their full menu and specials. Silverwood Studios designed wall menus, signage for entry doors and A-frame signs for the exterior of the store.

Silverwood Studios - Creative Design

Silverwood Studios - Creative Design