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Search Engine Optimization

SEO means making modifications to websites so that that they have a higher likelihood of appearing well in the natural or organic listings of search engines.  This is not related to paid advertising.  It is based on mathematical equations called algorithms which are unique to each search engine.  The common goal is to provide the best results possible. Natural search results are driven by each search engines algorithms,  how relevant each site seems based on keywords searched, and the popularity of a website.

Although, there are many things to consider when tackling SEO, the three main points to set a smart foundation are these fundamentals:  architecture, content and linking. But, before you can do that, you need to establish the key phrases that you want to be searched and found on. Plan your priority key phrases – jot down keywords and phrases that describe your product, service or organization. Be specific and descriptive. Weave in geographic descriptions if you serve a specific area. You want to attract qualified traffic to your website.

  • Site Architecture – the architecture of a website is very important to helping a search engine read it better.  Site architecture includes the use of urls, the code of your website and even the cleanliness of your code. Be mindful of the use of urls in naming each page of your website and use descriptive and specific meta-tags (html code) to describe each page of your site.
  • Content – content is the power player in online marketing to support SEO.  Pepper your site with copy, headlines and titles that use keywords and phrases that describe your product or service.
  • Linking – search engines look at how many links come from relevant sites that point to your website but they look at internal links on pages. You can ask people to link to your site if they are in a complementary industry.  You can also create your own linking power between pages of your site.

A short video on the basics of Search Engine Optimization:

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