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Should I blog?

Why you should start a blog

Companies tend to overlook the importance of a minor-yet-powerful aspect of enhancing business growth – blogging on a regular basis. First, more frequent blogging attracts the attention of Google’s vigilant algorithm and web crawlers. Second, search engines are continually crawling every website looking for quality writing, relevant content and other notable factors such as mobile friendliness, and user time and engagement on your site. It is also worth considering updating and adding embedded links. Frequent activity with quality posts is the goal.

Action and content go hand-in-hand. Fresh content solidifies Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and strong SEO leads to higher search engine indexed rankings. Links to your social media accounts and vice versa add value. You will be seen by search engines as a viable business. Consider that everything you do to attract clients is an important aspect of marketing.

Google, Bing and Yahoo are smart and getting smarter regarding the recognition of genuine content. Search engines and social media algorithms are always learning and updating what is real, and they get better at differentiating authentic writing versus robot writing. These search engines actually pay attention to what you are doing and reward you with a more accessible presence based on their assessments of the level and quality of the blog writing. Within these parameters, writing blog content with a high level of English usage is recognized and will boost your index.

Clients want to do business with companies who are experts in their fields. If you can establish authority you will attract the quality customers with whom you want to engage. In your blog, write about important topics, services and industry updates that are relevant to your audience. This will enhance your professional image.

A blog is a must have in this millennium. Consider it the new business card.

Effectively, blogging contributes to your overall business plan. Devoting posts to a wide range of keywords encourages traffic and interactive clicks on your website.  If you want to attract certain types of clients, update your blog frequently and write individual posts using a wide range of keywords and small phrases common to searches in your industry. Each blog post can be devoted to different aspects of your business. This increases the chances for potential customers using their specific keywords to locate your services when they search on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. The SEO benefits will be apparent as you focus on local or global clients.

Blogging should be considered a key element of your marketing strategy. It has become the norm as a modern, agile and very adaptable way to reach many of your marketing goals with measurable results. You can monitor your website by checking pre- and post-blogging metrics including keyword ranking and time spent per visit.

The take-away is that if you make blogging a regular activity in your work week you will see results. Blogging is a priority, so find someone in your company to write a post or consider outsourcing as the best way to take this task off your plate. Schedule blog posts on your calendar and watch your SEO rankings rise.

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