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Video and Photography Services


Video sharing can be a brilliant online marketing medium.  Video watching is one of the number one activities happening online.  It works because of the entertainment factor.  Videos don’t have to be funny to work, they just need to be enjoyable to watch.  This can mean they are fun, funny, educational, informative or thought provoking.  Silverwood Studios media team will create a video that is mindfully executed with engaging content and one which can be easily shared via all of the marketing channels you’ve employed: your website, youTube, facebook, linkedIn, blogs, etc.  An added value point to uploading videos to video sharing sites like youTube, is that you could potentially help increase search results if search rich descriptions are used when the video is uploaded.  Using descriptive phrases in video titles and tags will reap the additional search visibility benefits of this social media channel.

For the do-it-yourselfers out there, make sure what you share is on brand and on purpose meaning that it is edited and produced intelligently.


When potential customers search for your business online, their first impression may be the images that show up on search engines, social sharing sites and/or your website.  High quality photographs taken of your business are extremely important to ensure a positive first impression.  Low lighting and tight spaces can be challenging without the professional training and equipment.  At Silverwood Studios we go the extra mile by creating a mindful and artfully styled portfolio of your organization that you will be proud to share online and in print.

Professional photographs are a must if you are selling the products you feature online or if you are sharing a portfolio from which consumers will decide if they will buy your service or not. In addition, when showcasing your office space and/or team members, the photograph should be composed creatively, lit well and focused on the areas that match your business, personality and style. Your portfolio of images are unique to your business and won’t be found anywhere else online.

If hiring a professional photographer is not in the budget, there are stock image sites which you can peruse to find just the right image or video to embellish your marketing materials. Be sure to check competitors sites so that the same images are not used. Always read copyright laws which may inhibit use. We like istockphoto.com, 123rf.com, shutterstock.com and Depositphotos.com

We can’t ignore the power of instagram, pinterest and sharing on social media sites.  One fabulous photo could go viral and provide you with unexpected new customers!