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Photographer Websites

Photography Websites

Why does your photography business need a website?

A website is a must for any business. In today’s digital world, it is a primary responsibility to have a website and maintain it so that it continually meets the needs of your business and clients. Owning your own website gives you the control to feature your best work, promote your services and expand your reach.

Online Opportunities for Photographers

  • Highlight Your Brand:
    Can culminate your best photos to advertise your brand to its best potential and display your professionalism. This way your favorite images/videos will be presented for your customers to view directly.
  • Online Marketing
    Your website can make you money.  It is a perfect tool to sell prints and publish photo books. In addition, you can upload Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets, offer photography tips, advertise workshops – all to bring more traffic to your website and attention to your brand.
  • Most Effective:
    Websites can be updated easily and are much more efficient than making phone calls or sending emails. The quality of the product speaks for itself and creating a website enhances that effect. Involvement of the client in the creation of the website makes the customer closest to the seller, increasing their knowledge of that service.
  • Create Your Own Niche:
    Creating a website narrows down your audience to the people that are looking for your business, rather than the general public. Effectively, your niche will know what type of services they want, so all you have to do is deliver.
  • Use Web Resolution and Web Responsiveness To Your Advantage:
    The Internet has been improving, and so has the images that your potential customers can see on the screen. This can create an experience for your customers as if they were actually at the location of your photo. No matter whether they view this on an iPhone, Android, tablet, laptop, or monitor, the resolution will be spectacular.
  • Capture Your Audience:
    Photographers have a big influence on the modern age and beautiful images can have a tremendous impact. Websites are a happy medium between photo and video, and can act as a foundation for the social media marketing that makes viewing and understanding your message more convenient. Control over your brand is made a lot easier.
  • Edit Your Content Easily:
    Silverwood Studios will create your business website using a content management system such as WordPress, so that you will have the ability to update your information quickly and easily right from your office or smart phone.

Let’s start the conversation! We will discuss your budget and needs, provide online templates from which you can choose, or create a custom design to match your style, vision, and personality.