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Websites for Food and Beverage

Website for Restaurants

Why Your Restaurant Needs a Website

It’s no secret that the way consumers find businesses has changed. When we look for a place to eat, we search online to view menus and reviews from restaurants nearby. This holds true even when out of town when we are not familiar with the local area. Restaurants continue to outperform other highly searched industries as the most searched industry by consumers through both mobile applications and desktop browsers.

Online Opportunities for your Restaurant

  • Include the Basics:
    Besides a great design and layout, consumers want to know your phone number, when you open and close, and any other important information that sets you apart such as a liquor license, byob or a specialty dish.
  • Mobile Friendly:
    Your restaurant website should be responsive. This mean that the pages of your website will look great at any size – adapting to whatever device a person is viewing on.
  • Your Menu:
    Your menu should be available online and be easy to read and navigate. It will serve your current customers, new customers and search engines, as well.
  • Photos and Video:
    Consumers eat with their eyes first. That is why many restaurants creatively “plate” a dish to maximize the visual pleasure of the meal before you even take your first bite. Your website can act in much the same way. Pictures and video are a key component to your website, social media pages, review sites and more. Images can help people visualize what you have on the menu. Video can take consumers to places in your restaurant they don’t usually see and to hear from staff they don’t usually get to talk to – these are all strong marketing opportunities when you have a story to tell. Silverwood Studios will create eye-catching photos and informative videos for you. Contact us for more info.
  • Engage Users:
    If you offer take out service or the ability to book a table online, make it obvious. With the right design and placement, the more people will utilize the service.
  • Generate New Business:
    Your website works for you 24/7. With the right content, your website, photos, video and menu will be shared with friends and family. There is a lot of competition out there and your website can provide valuable information to help grow your business.
  • Promoting your site:
    It is important to find a variety of sites and ways to promote your site. If it is appropriate for your business, advertise a discount to encourage new business. NeighborhoodPromos is a local Bucks County company that will feature your business on their website (with links back to your website), as well as information about your company via their twice monthly email campaigns. Google Places for Business verifies that you are a real business and helps you show up in local search results. Managing your profile on Yelp and Trip Advisor is important to make sure the information is accurate and to monitor reviews and respond when necessary.
  • Edit Your Content Easily:
    Silverwood Studios will create your business website using a content management system such as WordPress, so that you will have the ability to update your information quickly and easily right from your office or anywhere you have internet access.

Let’s start the conversation! We will discuss your budget and needs, provide online templates from which you can choose, or create a custom design to incorporate the look and feel of your brand.