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Websites for Retail Businesses


Why Your Retail Business Needs a Website

It’s no secret that the way consumers find businesses has changed. When they need something, the first place that people look is the Internet. The Internet is making it more challenging for “brick and mortar” businesses to compete since online businesses have a built-in pricing advantage. Online retail businesses are “open” 24/7 for the “shopping” convenience of the consumer, so your business has to present the distinct advantages over online shopping.

Retail stores provide a personal touch for consumers including “hands-on” opportunities, advice and direction, immediate gratification, and superior customer service compared to online options. But, it is extremely important for a retail business to have a quality presence on the Internet in order to compete with “online” stores that are vying for the same consumer.

The focus of the website and the online marketing should be on a geographic area since the one real advantage that a retail location has is the in-person opportunities with the consumer.

A well-crafted web site is the foundation for finding new customers and maintaining a relationship that provides the ongoing reasons why consumers will be loyal to your business over the many online businesses that are competing for their business.

Establishing a database of your “local” regular consumers and communicating with them on a regular basis will establish your consumer base and likely lead to word of mouth promotion in your surrounding communities.

Online Opportunities for your Retail Business

  • Include the Basics:
    Besides a great design and layout, consumers want to know your phone number, when you open and close, and any other important information that sets you apart from online competitors as well as other area merchants.
  • Mobile Friendly:
    Your website should be responsive. This means that the pages of your website will look great on any size screen (adapting to phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers). Internet access is increasingly becoming mobile, so your site needs to adapt to this trend. Websites developed more than a year or two ago are likely not responsive. Silverwood Studios can quickly and easily work with you to make your site responsive.
  • Your Offering:
    Your product/service offering should be well categorized and prominently displayed with photos and descriptions to help communicate the consumer offering. A well planned out website that is easy to read and navigate will bring your business to consumers 24/7. Consumers are always online so there is no better way to promote your business and expose it to new customers.
  • Photos and Video:
    Many consumers are visual learners. Photos and videos of your product/service will bring your business to “life” and help to sell consumers on your advantages. Silverwood Studios can assist in the product photography and integration into your web site. We can also create and produce a short personalized affordable video that allows you to have a special exposure to distinguish your business from competitors. The photos and videos can be utilized on social media to further connect with consumers who can visit your retail business in person.
  • Testimonials:
    Before trying something new, many people want to discover what others think about a product or service, how it was delivered and the entire retail experience. Capturing customer testimonials and presenting them on your website is an excellent way to control the message potential customers are hearing about your business.
  • Generate New Business:
    Your website works for you 24/7. With the right content, your website, photos, videos, and customer testimonials will be shared with friends and family. There are many competitors trying to reach consumers, so your website can provide valuable information to help grow your business.
  • Promoting your site:
    It is important to find a variety of sites and ways to promote your site. If it is appropriate for your business, advertise a discount or special offer to encourage new business. NeighborhoodPromos is a local Bucks County company that will feature your business on their website (with links back to your website), as well as information about your company via their frequent email campaigns. “Google Places for Business” verifies that you are a real business and helps you show up in local search results. Managing your profile on Yelp and Trip Advisor is also important to make sure the information is accurate as well as to monitor reviews and respond when necessary.
  • Edit Your Content Easily:
    Silverwood Studios will create your business website using a content management system such as WordPress, so that you will have the ability to update your information quickly and easily right from your office or anywhere you have Internet access.

Let’s start the conversation! We will discuss your budget and needs, provide online templates from which you can choose, or create a custom design to incorporate the look and feel of your brand.