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Website Maintenance and Management

Maintaining your Website?

Business evolves, content on your website changes, new functionality is needed, and search engine optimization is an ongoing task. In addition to that, technology continues to evolve.  Plan ahead and understand the needs of your company.  Are you and/or your staff available and motivated to manage and update content when needed? If so, Silverwood Studios can create a “content management system”, such as a custom WordPress theme, where you can update most, if not all, of the content on your site in a user-friendly way!

We are also available to handle the maintenance and management of your website, (which includes updating WordPress versions, PHP, plugins and more). Web maintenance is crucial to ensuring that your website serves its intended function. Monitoring website speed, updating content, and making sure the website is secure are all tasks that are included in website maintenance.

Managing your Online Records:

Once you are the owner of a domain and website, there will be a myriad of logins in which to remember. For example, there will be hosting phone numbers and logins, FTP usernames and passwords, email server and WordPress logins, social media and analytic logins, too.  Also, note what domains you own, how long you own them and the login information for your domain registrar. You do this once and you will be so happy you did when there comes the time when they are needed.