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Websites for Non-Profit Organizations

Non Profit Websites

Why does your Non-Profit Organization need a website?

A non-profit business needs a well-planned and website to help communicate the mission and services provided to your potential audience. Your target audience is spending an increasingly longer period of their day online and this presents an outstanding opportunity for you to clearly convey the benefits and services provided by your organization.

If someone is searching for information about your organization, the first place that they will look is the Internet. Will they find your organization on the Internet? What will they find out about your organization? If your non-profit organization does not have a website, you are missing an opportunity to control the communication with those who can best benefit from what you’re offering.

Online Opportunities for Non-Profit Organizations

  • Control Your Message:
    A personalized website properly engineered with your own domain name will provide your own message best communicate the mission of your organization.
  • Mobile Friendly:
    Your website should be responsive. This means that the pages of your website will look great on any size screen (adapting to phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers). Internet access is increasingly becoming mobile, so your site needs to adapt to this trend. Websites developed more than a year or two ago are likely not responsive. Silverwood Studios can quickly and easily work with you to make your site responsive.
  • Personnel:
    Your non-profit organization website can highlight the bios and background of the company’s leaders to promote the services offered to the affected community.
  • Educate:
    A non-profit organization website is ideally suited to educate your community about the mission and objectives to assist in providing pertinent information to current and future constituents. The reliable educational information provided on the web site will also serve to attract new individuals who can benefit from the organization services.
  • Photos and Videos:
    Photos of organization leaders, facilities, and activities will help communicate all that is offered. Silverwood Studios can assist in capturing and displaying photos and videos on your website to best communicate what your organization has to offer.
  • News:
    Media information related to the mission or objectives of your organization can be prominently displayed to provide a trusted source for current constituents while also serving to attract new individuals who are searching the web for information.
  • Door to Door Directions: (Google Maps Integration)
    Limit the time you need to give out directions to your office or facility by letting people know that directions are available on your website.
  • Database:
    Your website can serve as a database and information source for people interested in your organization. Developing an email list of interested individuals and sending a periodic newsletter is a great way to maintain interest and participate with your audience. Posting previous newsletters will highlight the range of activities that would be of interest to someone visiting your site as well as attracting new individuals.
  • Testimonials:
    Those positively impacted by your organization are the best “spokespersons” to promote the mission, objectives, and activities to the community. Prominently featuring positive experiences on your website will draw attention to the benefits that your organization can provide from third party sources.
  • Volunteers:
    Most non-profit organizations are ideally structured for volunteer participation. Your website can be the central communication vehicle to highlight the role of volunteers in daily and special events, as well as provide easy access for applying to participate by interested individuals.
  • Edit Your Content Easily:
    Silverwood Studios will create your website using a content management system such as WordPress, so that you will have the ability to update your information quickly and easily right from your office or anywhere you have Internet access.

Let’s start the conversation! We will discuss your budget and needs, provide online templates from which you can choose, or create a custom design to incorporate the look and feel of your organization.