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Silverwood Studios provides personalized services to each and every client to help them present their product or service directly to potential customers, clients, consumers or patients.

Whether your business model is business-to-business or business-to-consumer we create the most effective way for you to present and communicate your business on the web within your established budget.

Often our clients have written material to describe their product or service and we determine the most effective way to present it on the web in a clear, concise and impactful way. As an option, some clients have opted to use our creative and business writers to present their information in the most effective way.

We offer marketing services that plan your inbound and outbound marketing activity on the web including consumer identification and communications to help motivate sales.

Whether you are a small firm who needs a modest presence online or you need a robust ecommerce sales solution for growing your business, we have the solution and the expertise. A broad list of services are featured below. Contact us if you have any questions.

Animation – Movement on a web page needs purpose and meaning. If animation illustrates, teaches or invokes a feeling better than an image or text could, then it can become a valuable asset to your page.

Direct Mail – As a business owner, it is important to quantify and qualify the avenues in which you choose to advertise.  Direct mail may be a perfect opportunity to get your company’s name in front of consumers who want to hear what you have to offer.

Domain name planning – We work with you to identify and select the best available web site name for your business and manage all aspects of the registration. Read more.

Email newsletter campaigns – Let us design and disseminate your “enewsletter” on a scheduled basis to keep you in front of your target audience with pertinent and timely information.

Logo & Brand Development – A thorough examination of your organization: who you are, what you do and who you serve are important components in establishing your brand. Your logo is the symbol that serves as the face of your brand.  Care for your brand with a well designed and meaningful logo.  We will create a logo that is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic and simple in form.  Being consistent across all marketing materials breeds credibility and confidence from your target audience.

Graphic Design – Silverwood Studios has worked with organizations in a variety of industries creating brochures, sales collateral, tradeshow displays, direct mail, package designs, flyers, posters, business collateral and more. When you work with our production team, you’ll receive Silverwood Studio’s full service. Based on years of experience, insightful analysis and our top-notch creative designs, your marketing campaigns, brand and identity will be stronger and more meaningful. Read more.

Photography and Videography services – A variety of photography and video services are offered. Contact us for details.

Press Releases – Silverwood Studios can create the ideal press release that matches industry standards from the information that you provide, post it on a well identified section of your web site and disseminate through a well-establish PR service to the audience that you select. As an added benefit, once the press release is posted on your site it becomes a potential source of building traffic by entering the search engine information library.

Online Marketing – The more online marketing puzzle pieces you have working for you, the more likely you will get prospective customers to know, like and trust you.  Remember if you are out of sight, you’re out of mind.

Research – Silverwood Studios can research your industry news and events to help you determine content for your web site and the best way to communicate with your potential consumers.

Search engine optimization – Through years of research, planning and experience with existing clients, we plan your site to appear high up on Google and Yahoo searches.  Appearing on the first page and more specifically in the top half of the first page of a search can make a big difference in having a new consumer find your business.  We work diligently to establish a successful identification of your business when consumers are looking for your product or service. Read more.

Social Media Integration – Social networking is a low cost, and many times no-cost option to collaborate with like minded people and accelerate your marketing efforts.

Strategize and Consult – Silverwood Studios executives have had many years of experience with companies of all sizes and understand the marketing processes to connect with consumers. We can work with you to develop a comprehensive strategic plan that organizes and focuses daily activities by all of your employees with a specific purpose and direction.

Updates and changes – As your business develops, there will usually be the need to edit and change your site to match the current business environment.  We provide speedy service to alter your web site at reasonable rates.  We occasionally will revisit the search engine optimization at your request to maintain the high level of performance that we plan into your site.

Web design – We develop a plan for your website that offers the important information in a clear and easy to understand format.

Web hosting link – We present several options of hosting companies that match your needs and then implement the uplink and coordination of operations to insure smooth operation of your web site. Read more.

Web site engineering – We build your site using html coding and design programs to give your site the most professional looking site that functions with all browsers and operating systems.

Writing services – Our talented writers will effectively communicate your product or service to potential consumers in words and phrases that will elevate the professionalism of your business and help to motivate interest in your product or service.