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Cancun Mexican Restaurant Project

Website Design

Silverwood Studios created a festive website for Cancun – complete with video and images shot on-site. Their customers already knew how much fun the restaurant was – but it was time to let the entire local area in on the secret. More on Web Design.

Video Production

Silverwood Studios was hired to create a quick video without a full production team so that customers were not disturbed. With limited lighting and audio, we produced and edited a video to highlight the flair and design of Cancun. Accented with photos shot on-site, as well as appropriate background music, visitors to their website now have a taste of what fun is in store. More on Video Production.


Silverwood Studios was hired to photograph the staff and food preparation and dishes at Cancun. Two of Silverwood Studio’s photographers delivered exciting photographs to be used on the Cancun website and video. More on Photography Services.